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Insurance companies[] play the roles of giving services to their customers by just paying its premiums. As of now, many of the insurance companies exist and getting into a silent competition with the others who has the highest sales and who made it to the best of bests. So, what are the best insurance companies in the U.S? In terms of pricing, coverage, customer service, and claims support, which of the arising and still standing firm insurance companies are still on top?[]

To begin, Liberty Mutual is on top. Research shows that they got the spot because they are concerned with helping people put their lives back together. They put their policy holder’s best interest first and they are especially phenomenal in their home state of Massachusetts. Second handed by Allstate which is found in year 1931 that provides insurance products including autos, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, business insurance programs, personal, and a lot more. They received numerous awards for their commitment to employee satisfaction, diversity and their education. At a fair price, they provide good service. Third is the AIA group. They provide for both individuals and businesses. For the fourth count, State Farm is on the spot. They care for the welfare of their customers. For the record, State Farm has services over 80 million accounts and that’s a big catch. Fifth best is the AAA. They have great rates and give great customer services. “Such a fantastic deal and customer”, an unnamed customer said. Sixth spot got by Manulife. They operate worldwide. Beginning from China, Japan and United States, they have made a good history. Manulife is located in nine Asian countries that are amongst the fastest growing in the world. The seventh on the list is Alfac. The only insurance company on Ethisphere’s list of most ethical companies for the past 7 years highest loss ratio, paying $.66 on every dollar of premium they receive. Last but not the least is the Truck Insurance or Truckers Insurance HQ, one of Australia’s premiere trucks for transporting. As well as assisting business of all types from owner operators to national corporate fleets.

 These said Insurance Companies has made their record. They have been on their spots with hard work, good customer service, high sales and profit, as well as the purpose of their company helped them to where they’re standing now. This just shows that in order to be on the list, there must be dedication. These companies existed for many years. They have experienced downfalls in business but they took it as a stepping stone to the top. It took them years to get what they deserve now and the best thing of it is they provide what the customer is looking for. How amazing that there are still existing companies who looks for the wellness and state with the needs and wants of their clients. We’ve just cited the best insurance companies in U.S and it is in your hands now to determine and decide which one you’ll like way better than others.